What is a cultural consultant?

Cultural consultants are community leaders with extensive knowledge of their own culture and how services can best be delivered to meet the needs of their community. They are independent consultants.

They come from variety of backgrounds and experiences, and offer a wide range of professional services.

  • Focus Groups
  • Needs Assessment
  • Marketing/advertising
  • Community engagement
  • Outreach
  • Education/training
  • Program development
  • Evaluation/research

How can your organization achieve success?

Cultural consultants can help you …

  • Business: Deliver person-centered programs and services that identify and address disparities.
  • Equity: Identify and address disparities.
  • Mission: Avoid common missteps when working with cultural communities.
  • Goals: Improve goals by effectively engaging more ethnically and culturally diverse people.
Transforming your organization

"We needed to have better conversations with clients and their families to effectively provide the kind of support, education and knowledge that our clients and their families could benefit from. We would not have gotten this kind of expertise and knowledge without a cultural consultant."

"The consultant shared with us about the culture and religious beliefs… was very comfortable sharing the customs. So that helped us understand the population better and feel more comfortable."